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A safe, protected and happy environment for your lovely children

Your children are so dear to us and we take it as part of Our Mission to make sure they are well taken care of

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About us

We are here to help parents raise happy children

The Treasure Centre was established in 2002 by the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary to cater for the needs of individuals with intellectual disability who were unable to function effectively within the mainstream educational system. 

“A Helping Hand, fostering inclusion and creating a brighter future together.”

Therese Lukong

Head of School

Support for every age


Every Child Brings Something Unique and Special to the World

Young Adults

Let's Support Children with Special Needs to Reach Their Full Potential.


Let's Create A World Where Every Child is Valued


We welcome pupils from 5 years to 36 years old

Why us?

The best learning place for children with special needs

We Need Difference to Build a Better World, Children with Special Needs Included.


Be Kind, Be Inclusive: Children with Special Needs Deserve Your Love.


Everyone Deserves a Chance to Shine, Children with Special Needs Too.


Inspire, Empower, Create Change: Children with Special Needs.


Together for Inclusion: Children with Special Needs.

Meet the teachers

Experts in giving your children all the love and care they need

Mme. Therese Lukong
Mr. Mofor Michael
Mme. Njang Magdalene
We are here for them
"Life Without Limits. Through Understanding, We Can Build A More Compassionate World: Children with Special Needs."
Sister Anthonia

More than just a joyful place